Ten years of mergers & acquisition experience in healthcare industry structuring and executing a wide range of complex transactions in Latin America such as spin-offs, joint-ventures, divestitures as well as due diligence and post-merger integration activities creating opportunities for scalability and diversification.

Four years of pre-IPO entrepreneurial experience in information technology for consumer products, specialty pharmaceuticals and clinical trials with exit sale to public and private companies..

Eleven years of senior level executive experience in for-profit, not-for-profit and VC backed US hospital management experience. Extensive experience with operational efficiencies, physician loyalty programs, research, clinical services, academic affiliations, patient safety and insurance contracting.

Fully bilingual, English and Spanish and conversational Portuguese.



Managing through a precise due diligence is critical to successfully executing an M&A transaction. By executing best practices in the DD process, we will identity not just a gap analysis looking for untapped financial and operational value drivers that matter to potential acquirers. At the end of the process a 100-day plan is created outlining key risk return factors that will be implemented once the deal is closed. The DD process is the single most important phase of any M&A deal.


Knowing how to create deal structures that are mutually beneficial and transparent requires more than just dealing with principals. Expert coordination with legal, tax, finance and other subject matter experts is essential. When done right this leads to better negotiations of definitive agreements, such as Share Purchase Agreement, Stock Purchase Agreement, License Agreement, Royalty Agreements, and Management Agreements.


It is well known that 60-70% of M&A’s fail to provide Shareholder Value. In order to increase the success of the healthcare M&A, a successful PMI process is the key. By implementing best practices used by Shingo, CEMEX, Coca Cola and others immediately after the deal is closed requires an experienced Operating Partner leading subject matter experts who were part of the DD process. Together they will operationalize the 100-day plan to create alpha in the next twelve months.