Physicians Groups

If you are considering a transition from private practice our physician-lead team can help. Our team has assisted Pediatricians, Dentists and Ophthalmologists practices in a sale, merger, hospital integration, management succession, valuation and growth, and expansion, both in the US and Internationally. Our team of subject matter experts have 75 years of combined experience in operations, finance, tax, legal, information management, marketing, revenue cycle, strategy, quality and we understand the clinical environment for specialists and how to position our clients to prosper.

Changes in healthcare that include patient centric models will place a greater emphasis on primary care specialists and the delivery of medicine. Our objective is to help Pediatricians, Dentists and Ophthalmology Groups with strategies to embrace health reform, competitive forces and build stronger practices.

Sometimes “Bigger is Better”, here’s some benefits of why scale matters:

  • Patients benefit from the ability to improve clinical quality through sharing of best practices;
  • Physician have improved lifestyle through vacation and on-call coverage sharing;
  • The practice benefits from cost savings through economies of scale, and
    • Ability to offer ancillary services (and share revenue and expenses from those services);
    • Ability to invest in information technology;
    • Ability to invest in compliance, risk management and billing/collection resources;
    • Improved ability to negotiate with health plans.

Accomplishing a medical practice transition requires careful upfront planning and analysis. If done properly, principals can have significant rewards and meet their goals.